Our Mission

Why we exist and what we're called to do.

Loving God, loving people, and making disciples of Jesus.

We exist to love God and to love people.

Ultimately, this means welcoming people to Jesus so that they can trust and follow him too.

Being a disciple of Jesus means being his student - a life-long learner and apprentice. Being a disciple of Jesus means making Jesus the pattern and power for your own life to love God, love others, and live a life that worships God in all things.

Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus - to be a community that is living out the good news of Jesus and inviting all kinds of people into the journey of faith in him. This happens as Jesus calls us to himself, teaches, equips, and sends us to live with him and on mission for him.

In everything we do, we are seeking to make disciples of Jesus who are fully devoted to God and faithfully engaged in his work in the world.