Thinking about becoming a Christian?

Becoming a Christian...

isn't about following rules or being good enough so that God accepts you. It's about discovering that because of Jesus, God already loves and accepts you and so you give your life to him in response and take him as your Lord.

How can I become a Christian?

In the Bible it says, "If you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved." (Romans 10:9)

All you need to do is confess that Jesus is Lord (he's the King of the world!) and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead (he's alive and making us alive too!) and you are a Christian. When you put your faith in Jesus, all his merits are applied to you - his saving and forgiving work, his goodness, his righteous record - all of it becomes yours completely by grace (that means it's a gift!)

Then Jesus will go to work and change your life. The moment you put your faith in Jesus, changes begin to happen, but following Jesus is also a way of life (John 14:6) where he renews, transforms, and makes us more like him (and that's really good news!). Jesus is the Teacher and Master, and we're his disciples (that means apprentices) following him on the road to life.

If you've decided to follow Jesus, let us know. There is so much to learn and we'd love to help you along in the life changing journey you've started!

At the very least, you can start reading the Bible (God's word) and Praying (just talk to God, ask him to show himself to you and tell him what you're going through). We suggest starting with the Bible book of Mark or John and then reading the book of Romans. You can download the YouVersion Bible app on your phone (for free!) and get started today.

Join a Small Group

In starting your journey with Jesus (OR if you've been away from church for a while), a great next step is to join Small Group of others learning to follow Jesus too. We study the Bible, pray, serve God, and support each other on the journey of being a disciple of Christ.

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